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Toly Calls For Fair Launches of Meme Coins for a Safer Crypto Ecosystem

By: illustrious
May 16, 2023 8:14 AM EDT
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Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, recently took to Twitter to express his concerns about meme coins, likening them to "zero loss lotteries." Yakovenko emphasized the need for fair launches and zero fees as a means of countering the proliferation of fraudulent projects in the digital asset market. His proposal outlines a vision for a more secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Meme Coins: A Double-Edged Sword

Meme coins have experienced a meteoric rise in popularity, capturing the attention of both investors and celebrities alike. However, this rapid growth has also brought to light the darker side of the phenomenon: fraudulent projects that prey on unsuspecting investors. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko's tweets highlight the potential risks associated with meme coins and propose a solution to mitigate their negative impact on the market.

The Fair Launch Solution

Yakovenko suggests that marketplaces listing meme coins should coordinate completely fair launches, eliminating fees to prevent scam versions from continuously siphoning liquidity from users. By implementing this strategy, he believes that the cryptocurrency community can better protect investors from potential losses caused by fraudulent projects.

The Solana co-founder also envisions the creation of a "fair" list that uses heuristic algorithms to identify active users. This list would be used to distribute the coin without any premine, ensuring equal opportunities for all participants. A group of researchers could be responsible for analyzing the data and publishing the list, making it accessible for anyone to use for their launch.

Addressing the Broader Concerns

Yakovenko's proposal not only aims to safeguard users' investments but also reflects a growing concern within the cryptocurrency community for more robust mechanisms to combat fraudulent projects. As meme coins continue to surge in popularity, the importance of investor protection and market integrity becomes increasingly crucial.

The Promise of Fair Launches and Heuristics

The concept of fair launches and the use of heuristics to distinguish genuine projects from scams show potential in addressing these concerns. By incorporating transparency and community-driven analysis, cryptocurrency marketplaces can establish a more secure environment for investors while weeding out projects with ill intentions.


Anatoly Yakovenko's concerns about fraudulent meme coins and the potential harm they pose to users' liquidity are timely and relevant. His proposal for marketplaces to coordinate completely fair launches with zero fees and the creation of a "fair" list aims to address these concerns. By utilizing heuristics and community-driven analysis, Yakovenko hopes to protect investors from fraudulent projects while fostering a more secure and trustworthy cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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