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Token-2022: Feeling the BERN

Token-2022 on Solana revolutionizes the digital economy. With new extensions, it enhances token functionality, allowing for transfer fees, customizable behavior, interest-bearing tokens, and more.

June 1, 2023 by Illustrious

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Solana has emerged as a prominent platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Its lightning-fast transaction speeds and low fees have garnered attention from developers and investors alike. Among the many innovative projects on Solana, Token-2022 stands out as a game-changer, offering new possibilities for the digital economy.

Token-2022: Enhancing Solana's Token Functionality

Developments in the Solana ecosystem have been rapid over the past year, introducing exciting new technologies. While Solana has already established itself as a leader in terms of processing speeds and transaction fees, there is always room for improvement. Token-2022, a new token program, aims to enhance Solana's current token functionality and drive innovation within the ecosystem.

The Current Token Program on Solana

On Solana, all tokens other than the native $SOL token are known as SPL-tokens. These tokens include fungible tokens like $BONK and NFTs. The existing token program on Solana provides basic features such as minting, transferring, and burning of tokens. It also includes functionalities like updating and freezing token accounts.

While the current token program has served the basic needs of tokens on Solana, it comes with certain limitations that hinder innovation. As Solana advances, the demand for more intricate and adaptable token functionalities increases. Developers often find themselves forking the existing token program to add required features, which can create challenges in achieving widespread adoption.

Additionally, the programming model of Solana complicates transactions involving multiple token programs. To address these evolving needs and challenges, Solana introduces Token-2022, a suite of additional features and enhancements designed to broaden the capabilities of tokens within the ecosystem.


Token-2022 introduces extensions, a suite of new fields that can be added to tokens to enhance their capabilities and usefulness. Extensions allow token creators to customize the behavior and characteristics of their tokens to suit specific needs or goals. Let's explore some key extensions and their potential impact on the Solana ecosystem:

Mint Extensions:

  • Transfer Fees: Token-2022 allows the configuration of transfer fees at the protocol level, enabling a new level of financial control over transactions.
  • Transfer Hooks: This extension provides token creators with additional control over token transfers, especially for managing challenges related to NFT royalties.
  • Closing Mint: Token-2022 enables the closure of mint accounts, allowing someone other than the authority wallet to close a token's mint.
  • Interest-Bearing Tokens: Token-2022 introduces an InterestBearingMint extension, enabling tokens to accumulate interest and become more valuable over time.
  • Non-Transferable Tokens: The NonTransferable mint extension allows the creation of "soul-bound" tokens that cannot be moved from a wallet.
  • Confidential Transfers (Not live yet): Token-2022 encrypts token balances and transfer amounts using zero-knowledge proofs, providing transaction privacy without compromising security.

Account Extensions:

  • Memo Required on Incoming Transfers: Token-2022 includes a feature for enforcing memos with all incoming transfers, allowing for on-chain messages.
  • Immutable Ownership: The ImmutableOwner extension ensures the impossibility of reassigning ownership of an account, enhancing the safety of token transactions.
  • Default Account State: The DefaultAccountState extension allows mint creators to restrict token use by setting all new token accounts to be frozen by default.
  • Permanent Delegate: Token-2022 allows the specification of a permanent account delegate for a token, providing perpetual authority over token management.

Early Adopters of Token-2022

$BERN is the pioneering token built on the Token-2022 standard, demonstrating the capabilities of Solana's new token infrastructure. Developed by the AlphaBatem team, $BERN exemplifies the possibilities of financial experimentation on Solana.

The project emphasizes key principles, including wide initial distribution to developers, content creators, artists/collectors, and BONK holders. Holders of $BERN are rewarded with 5% of each trade, fostering engagement and loyalty. Moreover, $BERN supports the $BONK community by distributing a portion of trades to the BONK DAO and using another portion to buy and burn $BONK tokens from the open market.

The distribution of $BERN involves 69% of the total supply airdropped for free, 11% allocated to a new LP, and 20% reserved for ecosystem partners like Backpack, Phantom, Jupiter, and Birdeye to distribute within their communities. This distribution strategy recognizes the collaborative efforts required to embrace Token-2022 and drives its wider adoption.

Wallets such as Backpack and Phantom are also integrating support for Token-2022, while tooling for mining tokens with the program is set to go live on FluxBream. RugCheck, a tool for examining Solana token markets, already supports Token-2022 tokens.

Embracing the Future

The introduction of Token-2022 marks a significant leap forward in Solana's web3 journey. With its novel functionalities and groundbreaking extensions, Token-2022 empowers token creators, broadens the capabilities of tokens, and opens new possibilities in the DeFi space. Solana's speed, affordability, and growing community support provide a strong foundation for Token-2022 to thrive and elevate the Solana ecosystem to new heights.

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