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$TNSR Token Airdrop From Tensor Arrives in Less Than 24 Hours: Here's What You Need to Know

Tensor's $TNSR airdrop arrives tomorrow: Claim details, Coinbase listing, and what you should expect.

April 7, 2024 by Sheldon

Tensor, the Solana blockchain's leading NFT marketplace, is poised to launch its highly anticipated $TNSR token airdrop in less than 24 hours. The airdrop, scheduled for April 8th, has generated significant buzz within the Solana NFT community.

Adding to the excitement, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko tweeted, "I am a Tensorian," demonstrating his support for the project.

Key Details for Participants

  • Announcement Timing: The Tensor Foundation will release the official announcement at 10 am ET on April 8th. This announcement will include tokenomics, governance details, and a claim checker for users to view their allocations.
  • Claim and Trading Start: One hour following the announcement (11 am ET), eligible users will be able to claim $TNSR tokens, and trading will commence.
  • Treasure Boxes: Users who have participated in Tensor's Seasons program will find their $TNSR allocation inside "Treasure Boxes." While boxes won't be visible during the claim process, Tensor assures that loyalty has been rewarded with more valuable boxes.
  • Congestion Preparation: The claim site, built on Jupiter's infrastructure, will remain open for six months to ensure everyone has ample time to claim their tokens, even during potential periods of congestion on the Solana network.

Coinbase Listing and Market Confidence

The airdrop news coincides with Coinbase's announcement of their upcoming $TNSR listing. This demonstrates major exchange confidence in $TNSR, with potential for a price surge after listing – a trend seen with similar tokens like $JTO.

Community Excitement

The Tensor community has responded with enthusiasm to the airdrop date confirmation. Both active users and Tensorians NFT holders stand to benefit, highlighting Tensor's commitment to rewarding its loyal user base.

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