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The Most Valuable SubDAO on Solana

By: illustrious
April 25, 2023 7:30 AM EDT
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The Mad Lads NFT collection, created by the Solana duo Armani Ferrante and Tristan Yver, has gained immense popularity and generated impressive sales figures in recent times. In addition to its overall success, the collection's Skull traits SubDAO has emerged as the most valuable subDAO on the Solana network, called Mad Skulls.

The Rise of the Skull Traits SubDAO

SubDAOs are a popular way for NFT communities to organize and manage their digital assets, allowing token holders to pool resources, make collective decisions, and benefit from the shared value of their collections.

Within the Mad Lads NFT collection, the Mad Skulls has quickly become the most valuable subDAO on the Solana network. This group is dedicated to the collection and management of Mad Lads NFTs with the coveted Skull traits. These Skull traits are unique and rare attributes that have captured the attention of collectors, driving up the value of the NFTs that possess them. The current floor price for Skull traits is 988 SOL, whereas the collection sits at 86 SOL at the time of writing.

Source: SolanaFloor

The high demand for Skull traits has resulted in a significant increase in the market value of the Mad Lads NFTs within the Skull Traits SubDAO. Consequently, this subDAO has outperformed other subDAOs on the Solana network, claiming the title of the most valuable subDAO on the platform.

Factors Contributing to the Skull Traits SubDAO's Success

The success of Mad Skulls can be attributed to several factors:

  • Rarity: The Skull traits are rare attributes within the Mad Lads NFT collection, which has driven up their value as collectors seek to acquire these limited digital assets. There will only ever be 99 Mad Lads with the Skull trait.
  • Unique Design: The distinctive appearance of the Skull traits has resonated with collectors, contributing to their popularity and high demand.
  • Community Involvement: The Mad Lads community has embraced the Skull Traits SubDAO, actively discussing its rarity and desirability, thereby increasing its value and prominence within the Solana ecosystem.
  • Mad Lads Collection's Success: The overall success of the Mad Lads NFT collection, including its dramatic launch, hype, and soaring prices, has contributed to the Skull Traits SubDAO's rise as the most valuable subDAO on Solana.


Mad Skulls has emerged as the most valuable subDAO on the Solana network, driven by the rarity and unique design of the Skull traits, as well as the robust involvement of the community. As the Solana ecosystem and Mad Lads NFT collection continue to grow, Mad Skulls has the potential to become even more influential and valuable, offering exciting opportunities for collectors and investors within the NFT space.

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