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Star Atlas Showroom Release 2.1 Unveils Thrilling Space Racing and More!

Star Atlas's Showroom Release 2.1 redefines Metaverse gaming, featuring Volant Station racing tracks, jetpacks, 49 new flyable ships, and in-game marketplace integration. The release promises adrenaline-packed space racing, immersive exploration, and a peek into the future of Star Atlas.

June 2, 2023 by Illustrious

Star Atlas has once again made a quantum leap in the realm of Metaverse gaming with their latest Showroom Release 2.1. This massive update introduces wild racing tracks of the Volant Station, jetpacks, 49 new flyable ships, in-game marketplace integration, and a host of other fascinating features. The iconic Volant Station Racing Track serves as the cornerstone of the update, fueling the adrenaline of Star Atlas players in this Unreal Engine 5 rendered galaxy.

Volant Station Racing Track - The Heart of R2.1

The Volant Station Racing Track is the epitome of speed and exhilaration. This feature opens the door to new gameplay loops and systems such as the racer career path and in-game competitions.

Source: Star Atlas

Players can compete for a spot on the global leaderboard, engage in friendly races, or purely enjoy the thrills of space racing. Mastering each ship's unique weight, performance, speed, and design will improve your chances of climbing the leaderboard and earning in-game assets.

Marketplace Integration, New Flyable Ships, and Test Flight Protocol

R2.1 also seamlessly integrates the Galactic Marketplace with the Showroom, enabling players to purchase ships directly within the Unreal Engine 5 module. All 49 ships currently available in Star Atlas will be fully equipped with weapons and flyable, however, not all of them will be race-ready.

Source: Star Atlas

Star Atlas also launches the Test Flight protocol to commemorate R2.1's release, allowing players to try out different ships for a limited time, offering a taste of what they might want to acquire in the future.

Jetpacking and Photographer Career Mode

The release also introduces the much-awaited Jetpacks, allowing players to explore every corner of Volant Station freely. Jetpacks are expected to play a crucial role in future Star Atlas activities, making it essential for players to familiarize themselves with this tool.

Source: Star Atlas

Moreover, the introduction of a Photographer career mode allows players to capture the beauty of the Star Atlas universe. Winning photo contests could get your photography minted into NFTs, which can be sold on the Galactic Marketplace.

Combat Simulation Upgrade

Star Atlas’s combat experience is more immersive than ever, with the game's dogfighting arena undergoing significant enhancements. The introduction of the Gameplay Ability System (GAS), an advanced feature of Unreal Engine, enables the development of unique abilities and attributes for characters and ships. This introduction expands the arena, making it even more dynamic and exciting.

Experimental Modes - A Peek into the Future

The Showroom Release 2.1 also presents "Experimental Modes" - exclusive modes designed to provide glimpses into Star Atlas's future. These modes also offer opportunities for players to interact with features that will play a pivotal role in the game's lore and evolution.

The Showroom Release 2.1 is indeed an exciting milestone in the evolution of Star Atlas, promising to transform gaming experiences. Whether you want to secure a ship via the SCORE Program or participate in the thrilling browser-based treasure hunt, Escape Velocity, don't miss this chance to be a part of the future of gaming. Join us on this exhilarating journey in the Volant Station today!

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