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Sphere Labs Partners with Helium: The Dawn of a New Era for IoT and Mobile Networks

Sphere Labs partners with Helium, introducing the Helium Data Credits Portal (DCP). The DCP provides seamless, compliant access to the Helium network, facilitating payments through fiat or HNT. This partnership promises a revolution in IoT and mobile networks.

May 31, 2023 by Illustrious

Sphere Labs, renowned for creating powerful payments solutions, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Helium, the ground-breaking DePIN protocol harnessing the Solana blockchain. This collaboration aims to revolutionize Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile networks by establishing people-powered networks. The exciting partnership will also introduce the Helium Data Credits Portal (DCP), a platform that promises to streamline network usage payments on the Helium network.

Helium Data Credits Portal (DCP): A Game Changer

The Helium DCP is a user-friendly platform designed to allow users to pay for their Helium network usage either through fiat currency or by burning their HNT (Helium Network Tokens). This streamlined on-ramp can be easily accessed at dc-portal.helium.com. On arrival, users will have the choice of paying via card or choosing the 'Burn' option to pay with HNT.

The Innovation Behind the Curtain

Underpinning this user-focused service is Sphere’s robust payments infrastructure, which effectively handles the complexities of smart contract interaction. The introduction of this infrastructure follows a longstanding collaboration with the Stripe Crypto team, which began in the early days of 2023. The goal of the partnership has always been to provide users with a seamless fiat on-ramp experience, and the launch of the DCP is a testament to that commitment.

The Benefits: Beyond Convenience

The partnership between Sphere Labs and Helium brings an array of benefits for both organizations and individuals. For organizations, the DCP provides a compliant access point to the Helium network. With robust invoicing features, companies can now adhere to corporate policies without the traditional complexities associated with blockchain transactions.

On the other hand, individual users will enjoy the convenience of paying through either fiat or burning HNT. This flexibility gives them the power to choose the most suitable payment method for their network usage.

This strategic partnership between Sphere Labs and Helium heralds a new era for IoT and mobile networks. With the introduction of the Helium Data Credits Portal, users will have a more streamlined and compliant access to the Helium network. Whether you're an organization looking to delve into the world of IoT or an individual seeking efficient ways to pay for network usage, the Sphere Labs and Helium partnership holds the key to a more accessible future.

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