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Solana Holds 100% Uptime Since February

Solana, previously marred by outages, reports 100% uptime since February. Amid past challenges, its recent resilience stands out. With auditors ensuring secure releases, it faces new hurdles like SEC scrutiny, marking a dynamic path for the major blockchain.

July 21, 2023 by Illustrious

In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, staying operational and efficient is paramount. Solana, once plagued by multiple outages, seems to have found its footing, as the Solana Foundation recently declared that the network has had an uninterrupted 100% uptime since February. This newfound stability is a significant achievement, especially in light of its earlier interruptions, which had considerably dented its reputation as "the world's fastest blockchain."

From Past Outages to Present Stability

Last year, Solana faced numerous outages that severely impacted its credibility. The most glaring of these incidents took place in February, when a software upgrade went wrong, causing the network to be offline for a grueling 20 hours. As the eighth-largest blockchain by market capitalization, this was not a minor setback. The subsequent days of troubleshooting to identify the root cause did little to bolster confidence.

However, the network's performance report for the period from February to June paints a picture of dramatic improvement. This change is largely attributed to key modifications made after the February debacle. Emphasizing the shift in their strategy, Dan Albert, the Solana Foundation's executive director, shared with Decrypt, "Network outages are never ideal but adapting to different and unexpected conditions are part of the growing pains of any scalable network."

He added, "Stability and reliability were focal points for network improvements during the first half of the year." Now, the process involves rigorous scrutiny by external developers and auditors before any release. A testnet is put through its paces to ensure the real network remains unaffected by potential vulnerabilities.

Noteworthy Progress and Upgrades

Despite its past challenges, Solana has demonstrated resilience. The foundation's report underlined its capability to manage high traffic, referencing its commendable performance during the Mad Lads mint drop. Yet, challenges persist: the NFT project was reportedly subjected to extortion threats and DDOS attacks.

In a nod to the ever-evolving demands of blockchain technology, the foundation has also introduced state compression, effectively optimizing on-chain data storage and significantly cutting down associated costs.

Reinforcing Solana's strength, the report highlighted its decentralization, stating, "The network continues to be run by a robust group of independent validators around the world." Solana is recognized as one of the world’s most decentralized proof-of-stake blockchains and remains among the most developed.

Navigating Future Challenges

However, the path hasn't been entirely smooth for Solana. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently slapped SOL, Solana's native token, with the label of a "security," triggering a sharp 9% drop in its market capitalization. On this, Albert clarified the foundation's stance, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach toward regulation.

Another issue Solana grapples with is the marked decrease in NFT sales on its platform and a significant decline in trading volumes. Yet, Albert remains optimistic, suggesting that such fluctuations are expected in the nascent NFT space.

In sum, while Solana's journey has been anything but smooth, its recent milestones and the foundation's proactive approach point towards a promising future in the competitive blockchain landscape.

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