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Solana-based DePIN and AI project Surpasses 120,000 Users Supplying GPU Power on the Network

The rapid growth of's network demonstrates the increasing demand for decentralized AI computing solutions.

March 22, 2024 by Sheldon, the innovative decentralized GPU network powered by the Solana blockchain, has seen massive growth since the launch of the platform and the ignition program. The total number of workers supplying the GPU power has crossed 120K, an impressive number. Total workers' earnings have also surpassed $0.5M, and over 64k hours of total computing power have been served. This is an amazing milestone for a project that launched recently.'s mission is to provide scalable and affordable computing solutions for ML applications. Its decentralized model sets it apart from traditional cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud. By creating a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) that taps into the power of independent data centers, crypto miners, and projects like Render and Filecoin, offers significantly more cost-effective solutions. Users can enjoy GPU clusters that are up to 90% cheaper than traditional centralized providers.

The success of, particularly the rapid growth following the launch of the Ignition program, reflects the growing demand for AI computing resources and the limitations of existing centralized services. As AI continues to transform various industries, presents a compelling alternative.

Ignition Program and $IO Token Airdrop

The "Ignition" program is a key driver of's recent growth. This initiative incentivizes users by rewarding them with $IO tokens for contributing GPU power to the network. The airdrop of these tokens is scheduled for April 28th, 2024, offering a lucrative opportunity for participants. The program underscores's commitment to decentralization and rewarding community contributions. The project's recent funding round, in which it raised $30 million at a $1 billion valuation, further demonstrates investor confidence in its potential. is poised to become a dominant player in the AI computing sector. Its decentralized model, competitive pricing, and focus on accessibility make it a compelling solution for businesses and researchers alike.

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