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Phantom's Auto-Confirm: Streamlining Transactions and Enhancing User Experience

"Phantom introduces Auto-Confirm, a feature that automatically signs transactions in the background, enhancing efficiency. Integrated with trusted partners on Solana and EVM, it streamlines buying, trading, and gaming experiences, ensuring a smoother user journey while prioritizing safety.

August 9, 2023 by Illustrious

In an era where digital transactions are becoming increasingly frequent, interruptions for confirmations can be bothersome. Phantom, a leading figure in the decentralized apps landscape, introduces its latest feature, Auto-Confirm, designed to make user experiences smoother and faster.

What is Auto-Confirm?

Phantom's Auto-Confirm is a tool that automatically signs transactions in the background. This feature aims to enhance efficiency by eliminating the need for repetitive confirmations, thus minimizing pop-ups and reducing the number of clicks a user must make.

This comes as a boon for users who are avidly engaged in numerous transactions daily on platforms like Magic Eden, Opensea, Tensor, Matcha, Jupiter Exchange, and even while playing games like Star Atlas. Such streamlined processes can significantly increase user satisfaction and retention.

Expanding Ecosystem Collaboration

One of the most impressive aspects of Auto-Confirm is its integration with six launch partners that span across two different blockchain architectures: Solana and EVM. With this collaboration, users can:

  • Browse and Buy: Effortlessly purchase collectibles on platforms like Magic Eden and Opensea.
  • Trade with Ease: Swap NFTs on Tensor without the constant need to reconfirm transactions.
  • Efficient Token Swapping: Experience more fluid token exchanges on platforms like Matcha and Jupiter Exchange.
  • Gaming without Halt: Dive deeper into the gaming world with Star Atlas, without interruptions for transaction confirmations.

Safety First

Despite being a convenience tool, Phantom hasn't overlooked security. Recognizing the importance of trust in the decentralized world, the Auto-Confirm feature has been rolled out with caution:

  1. Trusted Partners Only: Initially, Auto-Confirm has been restricted to six trusted and vetted partners to ensure the tool's safe adoption.
  2. Time-Bound Auto-Confirm: As an added layer of protection, the Auto-Confirm feature has a default active window of two hours. Post this, it automatically turns off. This ensures that even if a user forgets, the system has a built-in measure to prevent unwarranted transactions.

What's Next for Phantom's Auto-Confirm?

While the current integrations are promising, Phantom is keen to expand this feature to more apps, further solidifying its commitment to improving user experience across the decentralized ecosystem.

Curious to delve deeper into the Auto-Confirm feature or keen to activate it? Find comprehensive details and guidelines on Phantom's official blog.


Innovations like Auto-Confirm demonstrate the constant evolution of the decentralized space to cater to users' needs, ensuring that blockchain technologies are not only secure but also user-friendly. With tools like this, Phantom continues to pave the way for a seamless decentralized future.

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