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NFT Lending Leader Sharky Secures Presale Funding from Top VCs, Prepares for $HARK Token Launch

Sharky secures backing from prominent venture capital firms Bigbrain Holdings and MonkeVenture in successful presale round.

February 20, 2024 by Sheldon

Sharky, the leading NFT lending protocol on Solana, has announced the successful completion of its presale funding round for the $HARK token. This significant milestone paves the way for the platform's imminent $HARK token launch and signals an ambitious expansion strategy.

The presale enjoyed notable support from venture capital firms, including Bigbrain Holdings and MonkeVenture, highlighting investor confidence in Sharky's long-term vision. Investors are likely drawn to Sharky's dominance in the Solana NFT lending market, which has facilitated 95% of NFT-backed loans by volume.

Sharky's $HARK token launch is highly anticipated, with the company having submitted a proposal to be launched on Jupiter's LFG launchpad. The Jupiter DAO will now review the proposal, with the successful presale likely being a major influence on their decision. Sharky has promised upcoming announcements to keep the community engaged, including farming details, launchpad details, CEX listings, and other intriguing developments.

The token launch signifies more than just a funding event for Sharky. It marks a turning point in the company's plans to broaden its scope and attract institutional interest. Key features of this strategy include:

  • Real-World Assets (RWA) Expansion: Sharky's expansion into RWAs promises new potential use cases and potential interest from a broader range of investors.
  • Bitcoin BRC-20 Adoption: By adopting the Bitcoin BRC-20 standard, Sharky positions itself for the booming Ordinals ecosystem.

The combination of its strong presale, ongoing innovation, and robust growth plans suggests a promising future for Sharky. Investors and the NFT community will eagerly watch the platform's progress in the coming months.

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