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Mad Lads Promoting Inclusivity with Female PFPs: Embracing Diversity in the NFT Space

By: illustrious
April 25, 2023 2:46 PM EDT
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The Mad Lads NFT collection, created by Solana duo Armani Ferrante and Tristan Yver, has experienced remarkable success in the NFT world, capturing the attention of collectors and investors alike. The Mad Lads collection features female profile picture (PFP) NFTs in the collection, bringing more inclusivity for women in crypto to be represented by a high-value collection.

Diversifying the Mad Lads Collection

The Mad Lass PFPs in the Mad Lads NFT collection make up around 10% of the entire collection, which received some backlash from Solami Mommy for the large premiums on female PFPs, saying "now in order to represent a woman PFP they have to buy illiquid mid rares at nearly 2x the floor."

However valens, a women in crypto, pointed out in a reply that "Women pfps used to be the cheapest one in other collections and now they’re the most expensive on mad lads. They were also very well done." It should be noted that Solami Mommy is openly 'larping' as a female in crypto, whereas valens is actually one.

By introducing female PFPs, the Mad Lads collection acknowledges the importance of representing different genders within the NFT space, allowing collectors to identify more closely with their digital collectibles. This move is not only progressive but also demonstrates the creators' commitment to innovation and adapting to the evolving preferences and expectations of the NFT community.

Potential Impact on the Mad Lads Collection

The introduction of female PFPs within the Mad Lads NFT collection could have several positive effects:

  • Wider Appeal: The inclusion of female PFPs broadens the collection's appeal, making it more attractive to a diverse range of collectors and investors.
  • Inclusivity: Embracing diversity and gender representation in the collection helps create a more inclusive environment within the NFT community, allowing more individuals to identify with and enjoy these digital assets.
  • Increased Value: As the Mad Lads collection includes female PFPs with a lower amount compared to males, the demand for these NFTs can continue to increase, potentially resulting in higher trading volumes and an overall increase in the value of the collection.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusivity can improve the collection's reputation, setting it apart from other NFT projects in the increasingly competitive market.


The introduction of female PFPs to the Mad Lads NFT collection marks an important step towards embracing diversity and inclusivity in the NFT space. By expanding its offering to cater to a broader audience, the Mad Lads collection demonstrates its commitment to innovation and adaptation, setting a positive example for other NFT projects to follow. As the collection continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see the impact that this decision has on its value, reputation, and overall success in the NFT market.

Always experimenting.

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