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Light Protocol: Introducing the Next Generation of Privacy Solutions on Solana Blockchain

By: illustrious
May 20, 2023 11:21 AM EDT
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After over nine months of intense development and innovation, the newest iteration of the Light Protocol, known as Light v3, has been launched. As a pioneer in its domain, Light v3 ushers in a new era of private program execution on blockchain by introducing the zkLayer to Solana. This remarkable technological feat propels Solana's ecosystem to new heights by enabling developers to build Private Solana Programs (PSPs) and pushing the boundaries of blockchain privacy.

Private Solana Programs (PSPs)

Private Solana Programs (PSPs) is a groundbreaking concept that stems from Light v3. It allows developers to build a wide range of applications on Solana with privacy as a foundational element. This innovative approach allows for the construction of fast, private payments, encrypted order books, and public on-chain games with private state. The applications of PSPs are only limited by the creativity and ambition of the developers in the Solana ecosystem.

Speed: A Game Changer

Light v3 also introduces speed as a significant factor, allowing for full zkSNARK (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) verification in a single atomic transaction. This process takes around 400 milliseconds and enables direct settlement on Solana, eliminating the need for rollups. This enhances the overall efficiency and performance of transactions, setting new standards in the realm of blockchain technology.

Behind the Scenes: How does it work?

The innovation of Light v3 revolves around the shifting of private program logic to the client. In essence, this means that the client computes the state transitions, while Solana is responsible for verifying zkSNARKs. These zkSNARKs are cryptographic proofs that confirm the correctness of state transitions without exposing the transition itself.

This combination ensures the validity of transactions while maintaining absolute privacy. It's a promising solution to the long-standing privacy concern in blockchain transactions, highlighting the potential of the Light Protocol and the robustness of Solana's blockchain.

Testnet Live, Mainnet Coming Soon

As of now, the Testnet of Light v3 is live and operational, enabling developers to start building PSPs today. A planned rollout to Solana Mainnet is on the horizon in the coming months, promising a wider adoption of the technology.

Open-Source and Accessible

In the spirit of decentralization and community development, every piece of the Light Protocol is open-source. Developers can dive deep into the protocol's working, understand it, and contribute to its growth. You can find more information and explore the technical details at, and check out the codebase on GitHub at

In conclusion, the advent of Light v3 is a significant step forward for Solana and the broader blockchain community. It highlights the growing importance of privacy in blockchain transactions and introduces innovative solutions to tackle this issue. As we anticipate the rollout on the Solana Mainnet, it's clear that the Light Protocol v3 brings with it a bright future for private program execution on blockchain.

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