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DePay Pioneers Solana Integration for Seamless Crypto Payments

By: illustrious
June 24, 2023 4:46 PM EDT
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In a monumental leap towards comprehensive blockchain integration, DePay has announced that it has successfully integrated the Solana blockchain into its ecosystem. From Shopify to Woo Commerce and WordPress plugins to Web3 Payment widgets, DePay's integration with Solana signifies a significant step forward in enabling seamless, crypto-based payments for all.

This integration showcases DePay's commitment to democratizing the financial ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology. It combines the high-speed, low-cost benefits of Solana with DePay's pioneering payment solutions, offering an unmatched, streamlined payment experience for users.

DePay's Unrivaled Features

Three distinctive features set DePay apart from its competition. Firstly, it offers a one-click payment user experience, eliminating the need for complex transaction steps. Secondly, its auto-conversion feature, powered by Orca, allows customers to make payments using any SPL token. Finally, its 'No Code' solutions including payment links, gateways, and plugins, enhance accessibility for users of all technical levels.

DePay's solution is built to simplify the payment process. Users select the tokens they want to receive, connect their wallets, and DePay scans for convertible tokens. The system then automatically suggests the most cost-effective payment option. An example of a transaction can be found here.

Seamless Integration Across Platforms

DePay has integrated Phantom, Backpack, Solflare, and Glow to ensure the best user experience across platforms, including Desktop, iOS, and Android. Further, the "window.solana" extension standard and Solana Mobile Wallet Adapter have also been incorporated to support all other Solana wallets and extensions, significantly enhancing the Web3 Payment user experience.

Through DePay's Payment Links, customers can enjoy a seamless payment experience across platforms. A stunning payment experience is available on Desktop and mobile. An example of a DePay payment link can be found here.

Integrating Solana into the E-commerce Landscape

DePay is making significant strides in integrating Solana into the e-commerce landscape, particularly with Shopify and Woo Commerce. Shopify merchants can now receive payments directly into their wallets by installing the DePay Shopify App.

On the other hand, DePay continues to be a self-hosted plugin on Woo Commerce, giving merchants the opportunity to achieve financial autonomy. Customers can simply connect their wallets at checkout, and payments flow directly into their Solana wallets. The plugin can be installed from here.

With significant experience building on EVM and now integrating Solana into their existing ecosystem, DePay is confident in providing a seamless Web3 Payment experience. This integration is indeed a testament to the impressive work of Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal at Solana. The integration of Solana not only demonstrates DePay's forward-thinking approach but also sets a new benchmark for crypto payment solutions in the e-commerce landscape.

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