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Degen Royale Mint On January 25

Degen Royale is a cross-chain NFT inspired game. On January 25th they mint their exclusive 'cash gun' NFT on Ethereum, a collection of only 100.

January 17, 2023 by Illustrious

Cross-chain non-fungible token (NFT) inspired game, Degen Royale, is set to mint their cash gun on Ethereum on January 25th. It is an exclusive collectible that shoots cash, with only 100 mints being available.

The game is set to be the first 'play-to-socialize' (P2S) for web3 entertainment. Top communities from Ethereum and Solana would come together in Degen Royale to fight each other. Players could come to the island as their own NFT, which supports collections such as Degen Apes, BAYC, and Moonbirds.

They set out to achieve 10 million players, a collection of 'normies and degens' that could game together. The second island, Benefica Island, will be used to onboard Benefica's 15 million global fans to digital collectibles and gaming.  

Inspired by web3, Degen Royale lets everyone share ownership of a project through intellectual property (IP). The game is powered by owners of the NFTs, which gives them the ability to bring changes to their communities.

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