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Claynosaurz: Unearthing a New Era of NFTs and Web3 Entertainment

By: illustrious
May 5, 2023 3:19 PM EDT
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If you have been keeping an eye on the NFT space, you might have noticed the rise of Claynosaurz – cute, 3D dinosaurs on the Solana blockchain that have captured the attention of influencers and traders alike. While Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH) communities are usually distinct from one another, this project has united them, drawing Ethereum enthusiasts to SOL. As NFTs become more chain-agnostic, the boundaries between different blockchain worlds are fading, allowing users to access and utilize digital assets with ease.

To give you a comprehensive guide to the world of Claynosaurz, we spoke with the project's CEO, Andrew Pelekis, and co-founder Nic Cabana (Cabanimation). Learn about the project's inception, plans to build the brand's IP, and the story behind its popular in-person booster pack activations.

An Animated Beginning

Claynosaurz is a 3D production studio focusing on developing quality entertainment IP in Web3, with an emphasis on ongoing community engagement. The team comprises artists from renowned companies like Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Netflix, Warner Bros, Marvel, and Industrial Light & Magic.

The idea began in late 2021 when Nic and his partner, Dan Cabral, both seasoned professionals in the animation industry, conceptualized the Claynosaurz IP. With NFTs gaining traction, Nic's brother Phil Cabana suggested bringing the idea to Web3 and developing it as an NFT project.

In November 2022, the team launched a collection of 10,000 animated 3D NFTs, featuring six species of Clayno. The initial release was a massive success, with trading volumes exceeding 130k in just a few hours and 600k within two weeks. At the time of writing, the floor price sits at 63.26 SOL ($1,355.64).

An Unfinished Story

The origin story of Claynosaurz revolves around a young boy who discovers toys, clay, and maps in his grandparents' attic, leading him to create dinosaurs in a world called Claynotopia. Despite the fleeting nature of summer, the story pays homage to a child's boundless imagination.

However, the story is purposefully incomplete. Pelekis explained that the team has a basic outline and a "North Star," but they plan to source the rest from their community, making the brand more relatable and creative. This approach has become increasingly popular in Web3, as filmmakers, artists, and storytellers use NFTs to involve audiences in the creative process earlier and more frequently.

Building a Claynosaurz Ecosystem

Since its launch, Claynosaurz has released additional collections, such as Claymakers, Clays, Sardinhas, Croissants, Tacos, and Pizzas. Early NFT holders received airdropped Claymakers and Clay, but new holders can still purchase these items on a Solana marketplace.

Claymakers serve as a tool for crafting items in the game, while Clay can be used to forge armor for the Claynos. In the future, the Claymaker will also be used with items obtained from IRL events in a process called "molding" to create new items in the story.

Blending Digital and In-Person Experiences

Claynosaurz has gained acclaim for its booster packs, which merge digital and in-person experiences for attendees at events. By incorporating the excitement and nostalgia of

Always experimenting.

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