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Atlas3: Revolutionizing the Allowlist Marketplace with Frictionless, Cross-Chain Transactions

By: illustrious
April 25, 2023 3:42 PM EDT
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Blocksmith Labs has unveiled Atlas3, an innovative marketplace that aims to revolutionize the way users buy and sell allowlists. As the first frictionless, cross-chain, automated, and anonymous marketplace of its kind, Atlas3 aims to bring increased security and ease of use to the world of allowlist transactions. Users can deposit USDC in exchange for Atlas3 points, which can be withdrawn back to USDC at any time, providing a seamless experience.

Selling Allowlists on Atlas3

Users can now list their claimed allowlists for sale on the Atlas3 platform in exchange for points. Regardless of where the allowlist was initially won, if the project is collecting wallets on Atlas3, users can sell their allowlists as long as they are submitted within the platform. This allows users to trade and monetize their claimed allowlists with ease and flexibility.

Creating Buy Orders for Allowlists

Atlas3 enables users to create buy orders for allowlists by specifying the project and role they want. If the project is not collecting allowlists through Discord roles, users can simply buy the allowlist entry. This process ensures that users can safely purchase the allowlists they desire in a streamlined and efficient manner.

Automated, No-Friction Transactions

One of the key features of Atlas3 is the automated and frictionless nature of its transactions. Once a sale occurs, the allowlist submission and Discord role (where applicable) are automatically transferred from the seller to the buyer. This eliminates any potential friction in the transaction process and ensures users can trade with confidence, knowing that they will not fall victim to scams.

Allowlist Trading for Projects

By default, when a project registers and sets up an allowlist on Atlas3, allowlist trading is enabled. Projects can disable this feature if desired by accessing the "Allowlist Marketplace" on the creator page. Projects can also monitor trading activity through the same page.

Transaction Fees and Benefits for Projects

Each transaction on Atlas3 carries a 5% fee, which includes a 3% platform fee and a 2% fee for the project. The 2% project fee can be claimed by the founder after minting, allowing projects to benefit from the trading volume on their allowlists.

Anonymous and Secure Trading

All trades on the Atlas3 platform are anonymous, ensuring user privacy and security. Users can safely buy and sell allowlists without friction, using a fully automated service that eliminates the risk of getting scammed.


Atlas3, created by Blocksmith Labs, represents a significant step forward in the allowlist marketplace. By offering frictionless, cross-chain transactions, automated processes, and anonymous trading, this platform provides a secure and user-friendly environment for users and projects alike. As the first of its kind, Atlas3 has the potential to transform the way allowlists are bought and sold, benefitting both users and projects in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

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